I build web applications for go-getters and status-quo upsetters.

I code stuff. And drink coffee. And code stuff while drinking coffee.

The coding stuff began in 2011, when I wrote a simple python chat bot to ask someone to prom. It stuck, and a couple of years later I found myself coding stuff at MIT. (That's where the coffee-drinking started.)

After spending four years taking classes and building out my resumé, I finally graduated in 2016 and started full-time work. But I soon felt the pull of entrepreneurship and struck out on my own, freelancing and working on side projects.

↓ Here's what I've been working on.


Speed matters.

I focus on creating an exceptional responsive user experience across all devices.

There's a perfect tool for every job.

Using my diverse knowledge of web technologies, I design, build, and deploy a custom system tailored to the specific needs of every project.

Businesses are constantly evolving.

My designs are forward-looking and extensible, enabling your website or product to keep up with your business needs.

If you’re interested in working with me, just shoot an email to me@jbiswas.com or write me a note: